Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Information Systems in the Enterprise

Key System Applications in the Organization

Since no single system provides all the information an organization needs, a number of systems have been developed to serve different organizational levels and functions. Operational, knowledge, management and strategic-level systems are designed to meet a variety of different information needs.
  Operational level systems support operational managers needs for current, accurate and easily accessible information primarily used to keep track of the elementary activities and transactions of the organization.

          Knowledge-level systems help the organization integrate new know- ledge into the business and help the organization control the flow of paperwork. Management-level systems are designed to serve the monitoring, controlling, decision- making, and administrative activities of middle managers.
          Strategic-level systems help senior managers with long-range planning needed to meet changes in the external and internal business environment.
          There are also different information needs for the various business functions: sales and marketing, manufacturing, finance, accounting, and human resources. A large organization typically has operational, management, knowledge, and strategic level systems for each of these functional areas. 


 Management Information System
Managing the Digital Firm
Seventth Edition

Kenneth C. Laudon
Jane P. Laudon

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